Dragon City Hack
If you are looking for the updated version of the Dragon City hack then look no further.  Here is the latest 2013 hack for Dragon City with an easy to use interface allowing you to add free gold gems and food whenever you wish. 

To get the latest release visit the link below.  Latest version tested and working fine with all browsers.
Free working Dragon City Hack!
Why not.  This is a great game to while away the hours on Facebook.  But lets face it not many of us have time in between the avalanche of things to do we are faced with throughout the day.  So for the Dragon City players wishing to cheat a little to help them get on in the game the solution is to download and use the Dragon City Hack tool to get that little boost!

Latest update is May 2013 and fully working with zero detection rate.  No reports of bans and still undetected.  Some users may need .net framework 3.5
Download the latest version of the Dragon City Hack here...
Instructions for use:  Just start your game as usual and minimize down the window.  Run the cheat tool and select the items you wish to add.  Start refreshing the browser window by pressing F5 and you will see your selected items being added.  When done remember to close the tool to avoid detection.